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Question: I did a name search and cannot find my profile. It returns "No profile found."

Answer: You cannot do a name search while simultaneously using that name. Go to your member Home Page and click the "Preview Profile" tab and you will see your profile. When you make a change to your profile, it goes to the approval queue before the changes are published by an admin, but your profile stays visible to other members without the new changes.

Question: I uploaded my photos and they came out black.

Answer:The file is either greater than than 6mb. You must adjust the size or compress the photo.


Question: I entered my member password but it isn't working, what can I do?

Answer: Passwords are case sensitive. Be sure you enter the password just as you inserted it upon establishing your account, and make sure your caps lock is not on on your keyboard. Use upper case and lower case just as you did on day one. If you've forgetten your password, click the option at sign in to have your password mailed to you. If all else fails, contact us using the form at the top of every page. Be sure to include the email address that you signed up with and your Matchmaker member name.


Question: I have received a message in my MatchMaker message box from a member that is soliciting me for reasons other than the intentions of this site. Or, I have received a message with content I feel is inappropriate. What do I do?

Answer: Immediately contact us using the link at the top of any page. You can also click the "Report" button on that member's profile. Be sure to include the email address that you signed up with, your ButchFemmeMatchmaker member name, and the member name of the alleged perpetrator. If I agree with you, after a quick and thorough investigation, that members profile will be launched in to the proverbial "Abyss"


Question: I wish to pay by check or money order rather than a credit card or Paypal.

Answer: You are welcome to pay by check or money order. The mailing address to our office is ButchFemmeMatchmaker 3824 Cedar Springs Blvd. Suite 555 Dallas, Texas 75219. Be sure to include a note with the web site name (ButchFemmeMatchmaker), member name, and your email address as a reference.