Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationships


21 Oct 2017 at 10:32pm
I've had several, one for almost 4 years and it didn't pan out, much like the others. I swore I wouldn't do it again, then I did. This last one was probably the worst one. Quite the catfish... It leaves me feeling like I'm either not good enough or like my picker is broken... either of which stay with me for awhile now. I'd like to date locally but sometimes that's not feasible either, due to lack of potential partners.

My questions are:

What is your experience with long distance relationships?

Does anyone out there feel like this?

How do you go about finding suitable partners for dating, etc... in real time?

Let me hear from you!

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19 Dec 2018 at 07:42pm
I had one long distance relationship. She was in Virginia, and I was here in North Carolina. Mind you, this was the first dating relationship I had in 23 years. (I was Married for 23 years) I didn't know how to do this. I didn't tell her right away that I was an FTM. She always seemed stronger than me, she needed me less than I needed her. I did finally tell her and she said it was no problem. The long and short of this was, from literally one moment to the next, she took my world away.

I am in Catawba, North Carolina. No one I know of is near this town. Everyone I like is far away. Logistics is a huge problem for me.

In real time? I have no clue. I am to old to go into a nightclub, and the nearest is 40 minutes away. I am originally from NY, and I have no clue about North Carolina.
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19 Dec 2018 at 07:43pm
4 years? WOW! May I ask why it didn't pan out after all that time? -Brian
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20 Dec 2018 at 11:18am
some of us whom are highly attracted to the male identified butch / trans men types turn to the internet when there doesnt seem to be any to meet whom are single and in the age range that suits us best.
So we turn to the internet.
I tend to stick to the east coast ... it would be extremely hard for me to travel anywhere past indiana lol .. like lets say Calif , NM washington and such
long distance ..... im in Buffalo .. i was dating someone for almost a yr from indiana , 7 hr drive 1 way. I did not mind it .. i love my road trips , i love to drive as I am a retired lady truck driver lol
anyways .... I do travel down to NC from time to time and may a lot more in the spring , I am a artist and seeking some art type festivals to book into now.
A straight friend whom i grew up with .. lives in Yancviulle NC so when i do come there i stay at her farm. ......
I wouldn't mind dating someone in NC if they wouldn't mind dating someone from buffalo land lol .... i mean im thinking winter months in south and summer months in buffalo . im willing to comphermise on things.
Life is to short not to enjoy some things in life.
im on face book more then i come here.
and would love to get to know you better Repidad If you are ok with that